Welcome back Summer!

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Summer Destination ~ Burlington Beach, our own hidden gem!

A wide swath of creamy sand, calm greenish blue waters framed by rolling sand dunes, big beautiful trees and a waterfront trail that goes forever. As the sun warms the land and a hint of Summer promise touches us, our love of adventure and natural beauty comes back home. We have so many lovely hidden gems in Ontario and our thoughts inevitably return to our own gorgeous little paradise in Burlington, Ontario.


Nestled at the most westernly point of Lake Ontario, Burlington is blessed with a kilometer long, light sand beach tucked among century old trees and connected to a vibrant and friendly downtown area within easy walking distance. To explore the whole area you may park either in the downtown core or as we did at the base of the CN liftbridge and canal. From here you can walk, hike, rollerblade or walk the rest of the area. Burlington has an active & lively community and the path is always in use no matter the season.


Walking is definitely our method of choice as you can really get in to explore all the great nooks that are found along the way. Tiny dirt pathways and wooden promenades veer off the main paved path every so often and they are worth exploring! Shady spots with beautiful views wait for your private family picnic. Catamarans line the beach creating visions of tropical destinations.


Walking up the beach which is a protected natural area, you are greeting by visions of the wide crescent beach winding up to the skyline. Summertime brings hundreds of beach goers to its shores with almost as many boats linked up enjoying the heat in the shallow waters. A large buoyed area and a slow sandy entry to the water makes it a fantastic place for families. You can smell the myriad of BBQ lunches being cooked up in the shady grass areas of the bordering park and hear children’s squeals of laughter as they enjoy the refreshing clear waters.


Near the middle of the beach, is where Burlington Beach Rentals resides. The beach shop is contained in the beautiful historic Pump House and has everything you could ever need to enjoy a day at the beach including towels, sunscreen & beach toys. Whether you’ve come prepared to enjoy the day or not, Burlington beach Rentals is there to make life easy for visitors and locals alike.Just behind the building, on the beach ready for your enjoyment “Beach Spots” consisting of either muskoka chairs, sun loungers and great little SPF50 blue and red colored huts dot the beach and are for rent by the day or hour. Reminiscent of a tropic holiday, they strive to bring the vacation experience home. Complimentary wi-fi is included for all their guests. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous paddleboats and stand up paddleboards are ready and waiting on the shore!


You can’t find a better way to spend an afternoon than by taking out of their water rentals and enjoying the sights and sounds from the water. Bring a picnic lunch and take it with you, the paddle boats have cup holders and space for a small basket!


If you’re staying in the area longer they also have beach yoga classes at sunrise & sunset. Full moon social’s every month along with lots of other fun events and activities! Conveniently right next door a small concession is ready to feed your hunger and even satisfy the sweet tooth with yummy ice cream. Showers, change rooms, bathrooms and a playground round out this busy and fun spot.


Heading farther up the beach, the massive trees start to over hang the water and limestone rocks jut out of clear waters making for picturesque stops. Eventually you round the curve and head back up on the path that leads into Spencer Smith Park. A tiny round protected bay can be found at this junction and if you’re lucky swans can be seen bobbing in its protected waters.



Spencer Smith Park leads into our downtown core and is a gorgeous large park that lines the majority of the downtown area ended with a large curved pier that completes the scene. Here is where the great city holds numerous awesome festivals throughout the summer months. Sound of Music is Canada’s largest, best and free outdoor music festival held yearly in June. Thousands of fans flock to the area to hear well known and local talent fill the park with music. A full listing of summer events can be found here. On quieter days you can enjoy the reflecting pond surrounded by benches and sometimes home to fancy R/C ships that sail on its surface. Right next door a new playground and large splash pad are ready to entertain the kids for the whole afternoon.


Following the boardwalk you eventually find yourself staring at the large delicately curved pier that is now the crowning glory of the park. Beautiful in the daytime but even more so at night. This is one of our favorite places to watch the sunset. As the daylight slips colored beacons light up the night sky from its edges.


No visit to the Burlington waterfront would be complete without a stop in the lovely downtown area. Absolutely full of fine dining, wonderful outdoor patios and great shops all within a few blocks. A small town, friendly feel with big city amenities. One of the things we love most about being here is the awesome vibe of the city and its people. You are always welcome and you will always enjoy your visit!


If you haven’t recently visited this gorgeous city…it’s time to come back and see what you’re missing 😉



Why life is better at the Beach!

Ask anyone what their most favorite place to be is and invariably, somewhere on that list is a beach. Why is it that we feel so compelled to spend time close to the water?  Does the sun shine brighter? Maybe.

For many, the beach is a world very different from the everyday. It’s cheap flip flops, bare feet and ice cream. It’s the sounds of children singing, radio’s blaring and happy laughter. It’s a riot of color from bright rainbow colored towels, beach toys, bikini’s and board shorts. It’s a place where people smile wider, laugh easier and love deeper. Life is easy and worries tend to fade away for another day.




It doesn’t matter whether the beach is in the city surrounded by board walks, carnivals and never ending vendors or untouched with only you and nature as far as the eye can see. It exists in a different plane of life…it embodies the carefree, relaxed and adventurous spirit all in one. It contains so much of what we need while needing so little of us in return. These are eight of the best & simplest reasons we think the beach is the best place in the world to be:Image




The sound  of water gently lapping at the shoreline or waves crashing on the shore is constant, rhythmic and natures song. It calms us, helps us de-stress and ultimately remember to enjoy life’s little moments. There is no better place for a mid day nap.




Life is simple at the beach. Grab a spot of sand, a patch of shade and you have everything you need for a marvelous afternoon.

Jamaica 125



There is always something to see or do at the beach. You can wander its shore everyday and discover something different from one day to the next.…a washed up seashell, the flock of swans that just flew in for the day…that perfect spot to watch the sunset.

Jamaica 302

Tiny hermit crabs Jamaica 698


Good times know no limits at the beach. Whether you spend your time playing in the sand, floating in the water or wandering the shores in search of hidden treasures, the beach has something for everyone in every budget.

Italy 2011 775



Our world and our bodies need water to exist. Both mysterious and beautiful it harbors secrets still waiting to be discovered. Our lives revolve in and around it and nothing else can take away the weight of everyday life than floating serenely in its arms. For others it is a playmate that is always there. Water men of the world use surf boards, SUP and diving gear among other tools to learn its rhythms and take advantage of the ultimate playground.

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Lay in the sand or playing on the beach, worries seem to melt away like magic. Our minds are able to stay in the moment and enjoy the now so much better than anywhere else on the planet.

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Nature at its best:

The most beautiful of beautiful moments are born here. Stunning orange, purple and pink painted skies with each sunrise and sunset.  Strange and interesting flora and fauna that are specific to each region. Animals and prolific birds that call it their home. Trees that back its shores and overhang the sand. Even the sand when seen under microscope is an array of thousands of tiny pieces of  amazing sculpture.

Treasure Beach Burlington Beach



We feel better at the beach. It’s been scientifically proven people that live closer to the water live longer, healthier lives. They tend to exercise more and make time in their everyday lives to enjoy life and family. Beach walks are the best way to fill up on Vitamin D and sunlight helps lift depression and general malaise.



“At the beach . life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun”.

beach quote

We live in tune with nature, where we began…where we are happiest.